Free Download

1. Select the desired file and click on “free download”

2. Enter your email address, first name, last name, then choose to accept the terms and conditions and click on Download now

* If you are a member and login, you can still download immediately without having to enter any information But will not download via a link sent to the email

* Can be downloaded from the link sent to the email within 24 hours

How to fixing download problems

We value the time and money in your pocket. But downloading various files There may be errors during the download at any time. Therefore, so you can download absolutely no problems We therefore provide a basic solution for you.

Already paid But unable to download the file due to network failure

Basic troubleshooting methods
1. Sign in using the username and password you entered on the checkout page or sign in from registration on the registration page.

2. Go to download history In the menu or on the dashboard

3. See if the payment is successful or not. If the payment is complete, there will be a download button to download.

4. If the file cannot be downloaded or the system goes to the payment page. Please contact us immediately to check and receive files by email.

In the event that payment has not been made and the file cannot be download due to a network failure (Including free downloads)

Basic troubleshooting methods

You can download again after the network is normal or contact us to solve the network problem.

The downloaded file doesn’t match the promoted image. Or cannot be resolved

Basic troubleshooting methods

Contact us to request a new file by email. (Supports free files and paid files) and tells basic problems and provides an order number.

If any other problems are found, please contact us immediately to resolve the problems.