Submit files is easy for you. But you have to learn the methods and conditions for submitting files for sale on our website.

Things to prepare to upload your file

How to submit files

1. Login for the Contributor and go to the page. Contributor Dashboard (

2. Go to the Add Product menu.

3. Enter the detailed product details and upload the file and press the submit button.

4. If you want to save the file without submitting the file Click the Save Draft button.

5. After the file has been submitted Please wait for the review within 5 days.

6. After approval The file will instantly go online on the website.

About the conditions for submit product files

Product name

Enter a name about your product. (Do not enter names that are too long)

Featuerd image

The Featuerd image is a preview image used for display on the website.

– The image must clearly show an example of your design.

– Only supports images with extensions JPEG JPG PNG

– The image size should be a horizontal or vertical image and a square image. Which has width and length not over 1000px

Popular size samples


Add details about your product. To explain to the buyer to understand and buy your file and to prevent misunderstanding about your product file Such as describing the nature of your file, its compatibility with, the program used, the size used in the design, and the notes, and etc.

Post Excerpt (Optional)

Enter a short description. About your product (Optional)

Pricing and upload files

Enter the price you want to sell and upload the zip file of your product. By clicking the upload button


Add keywords related to your product. Which should not be added more than 50

– If we choose the keyword precisely, the chances that people will find our products will increase as well.

– To put keywords separated by “,” such as flyer, cover, business

Compatible With

Enter the program you use to design or the program that can be used to open and edit your file

File Type

Enter your product file extension, such as psd, eps.

File Size

Enter the size of the uploaded product file, for example 20.39 Mb.

Notes (Optional)

Add notes about your product.