Commission And the minimum amount

      • You will be paid by selling your product files for 55% of the total amount displayed on the dashboard page. You can see all the amounts you will receive on the page  “Earnings” (
      • You will be paid when you have a minimum of $ 25 in unpaid earnings on the page “Earnings” 
      • Dashboard page revenue. Is income that has not been calculated commission yet

How to send money to the seller.

      • Sending money to Paypal account

Payment methods for sellers around the world. You can apply for a free Paypal account.

Payment calendar to contributor

* When you reach an income and meet certain conditions We will send money to you automatically each month.

*If it still doesn’t meet the conditions of sending money for any reason We will review and send money to you next month.

Days 1-4 of the month  > notification and payment deduction
days 5-10 of the month  > time period to send money to you

* You do not need to contact us to inform us to send money.

Why don't I not get paid?

There are many reasons that affect sending money to sellers.